Time to Get Out the Blankets!

It’s that time, it’s getting colder at night and in the early morning… if you haven’t already got the blankets out, you’re probably thinking about it.

This is a great time to air out your blankets and quilts, so you’re not breathing anything… extra. Especially if you’ve had your doona dry-cleaned. Read more about doonas

Dust mites live everywhere in your home, and they survive by eating dead skin cells. It’s a bit eurky, but hey, nature is that way, sometimes. And think about it, if we didn’t have something eating the dead skin cells, we’d probably be up to our ears in them already, and THAT would definitely be eurky!!

However, most people are allergic to dust mites (or at least dust mite poop. Let’s not go there). The best way to get them out of your bedding is to wash the sheets regularly in hot water, and dry them in the sun. Same with blankets, if you can. If you have a wool or feather doona, and you’re reluctant to wash it, you can hang them on the line in the sun and beat them with a stick or broom handle. Stand upwind, though – this gets the dust out of the doona, and you don’t want dust all over you!

To get them out of mattresses, vacuum as soon as you get up, or air the mattress in the sun – dust mites are attracted to warmth (I know, eurky!) but this can be great – put the mattress in the sun, let the warmth draw the mites to the surface, then vacuum them away! The UV from the sun will help to kill any bacteria and such in the mattress too. Try to air your mattress at least once a month – however, as with any of these actions, doing it once is better than not doing it at all!

If you’ve had your doona or blankets dry-cleaned, definitely take them out of the bag and hang them on the line to air out for a few hours before putting them on the bed. (Same with clothes, before you hang them in the wardrobe). Those chemicals really aren’t very good for you, better for them to be aired away before they contaminate other clothes, or you breathe or absorb them from the blankets and such.