Pros and Cons of Snow Over the Winter Months

It’s that time of year when you are never sure if you’re going to get a bit of snow day calculator
or not. Some people see snow as an annoyance, whereas others love the snow and pray that there’s a heavy downpour if it does come. With this in mind here are the pros and cons of snow over the winter months.


· Playing in the snow – No matter how old you are, there is something inside you that makes you want to play in the snow. Whether it’s making snow angels, throwing snowballs or building a snowman, you just want to Get involved and what a great way of spending time with your family.

· Snow days – When the snowy weather gets too extreme it can lead to snow days. Schools and offices close due to safety hazards and transport disruptions, which means that people can stay home and make the most of playing in the snow with their friends and family.

· Soil insulation – Snow can be good for gardeners, as it acts as an insulator for soil. Very cold temperatures can cause soil to freeze, which could lead to root systems being damaged. Snow prevents this from happening and also helps to retain moisture in the soil.


· Transport disruption – If it snows it causes absolute havoc on the roads and railways, and we never seem to be overly prepared for the snow, so whenever it does snow the roads come to a standstill, making it virtually impossible to get around any other way than walking. But be careful when walking, surfaces can be slippery.

· Deliveries – When the snow hits and roads come to a standstill it means that important deliveries don’t arrive on time, which can cause significant problems. Not for the pair of shoes you ordered 3 days previously, but for stocking up supermarkets with food and heating oil deliveries to your home to keep you warm. Many houses in the countryside rely on heating oil to heat their homes and if their heating oil delivery is running late then they could run out.