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Battle Punks Game Review

Battle Punks is a real 3D sport that is evolved by means of Gravity Bear, a call now not very acquainted by way of many FIFA55.

This is but every other senseless warfare game that you will locate in Facebook. There is no storyline by any means on this recreation. All you have to do is get from one map to any other and beat each opponent you come upon.

You start the sport off as a Battle Punks and for the primary time you input the sport, you may note the character creation display screen in front of you. This is wherein you’ll select to be both male or girl war punk. You will then get a desire to pick the way you would really like her or him to appearance for the duration of the game. The person customization is not permanent and may be exchange later on throughout the sport.

After the person selection display, participant will be introduced to the sport manipulate. The educational will guide players via the interface one step on the time. After you get familiarize with the manage you may then be capable of recognize how the preventing is like in this recreation. (Not tons need to study because the game will mechanically take control over your punk at some stage in combat)

The fight is all automatic by the sport AI and all participant ought to do is take a seat lower back and watch! Oh yeah, don’t forget to cheer to your punk! The struggle system is very exciting really, despite the fact that players can not manipulate their man or woman. The machine seems to be as a substitute clever to select the most effective weapon you’ve got. From there, it will rely on the items you convey into the war (however at instances, your punk might also actually pick out the incorrect weapon during the begin). You will have special electricity up for shields, guns and potions. During the conflict, participant will notice that their punks will every so often lose their guns and draw out the following best weapon to fight. Unless your punk is totally out of weapon to pick from the sport will pass into a fist fight (literately).

The sport does have a few trouble; the combat is all depends on luck and selecting the right opponent. At instances your Punk will simply waste health potions with out questioning. I do suggest without questioning! You may also note that at instances, even 1 hit from your punk, he or she pop out a clean bottle of health potion to drink, losing a treasured potion! Additional to that, after advancing to the next map, battle does get loads tougher. You will observe that your opponent will preserve knocking off all of your guns even if they’re the usage of ordinary weapon to combat you. This get certainly stressful that even a low level player can beat your high stage individual with better weapons and stats.

Now after the warfare is over, in case you win, you praise may be proven at the display together with additional loot. If you lose, you may nevertheless get your praise, only a little less. Weird as this sport is a chunk merciful to gamers.

Game fits is arranged in a fixed of 3, meaning that in each struggle you can select whichever 3 opponent is to be had on the way to fight. If you observed that anybody of the 3 opponent is just too robust then you may reset the opponents, however in case you reset too many times it’s going to fee you five gold in line with time. Battle is likewise restricted to three per-time as you best have 10 energy and each warfare price 3 electricity to fight (Can be upgraded, so nothing to worry approximately). Aside from that, the energy recharge may be very gradual on this game, kind of approximately 5 mins consistent with-cycle.

Now we inspect the alternative component of the sport. Players can select to buy items like weapon, cloths and add-ons. This is the get dressed me up a part of the game. Little want to be explore here other than the weapons store. Always go for the maximum powerful weapon! It does make a difference.

If you have got enough more money to your hand, then you could determine to re-design your character’s appearance. Kind of strange for the designers as you may and I in reality do imply you can dress till your undergarments in this game. For now I do now not genuinely see anything beneficial within the cloths which are furnished except it makes your man or woman stand out. There is not any extra safety factors supplied at any of the cloths you put on. So I wager you may always determine to jump in bare naked to anybody. (You will in reality stand out most of the crowd in case you are this crazy)

Other extra features consist of battle playbacks. If you want to recognize and gloat over your previous warfare, all you have to do is to go to profile and replay any warfare that you have play via. This is an exciting characteristic, however no longer new as it was applied in Little Warrior as properly.

One thing I be aware while first beginning this recreation is my Java plug-in simply released. This isn’t a flash recreation, but instead the use of Java technologies which may also provide an explanation for why the sport is in Full 3-d. If you take a look at this game the complete game is using Cell-Shading era and it seems like an real ordinary PC games. This recreation is absolutely breath taking and no Flash sport can ever come near its beauty. I want all Facebook video games is this decorate. The recreation actually runs at a very high body charge and no lagging at all, unless your machine is slow. Furthermore Java also lets in some technologies to be carried out like lights and shadowing.

Very high high-quality sound, especially if you placed on your headphones, you may simply pay attention the difference. This game comes with a easy lute melody and the struggle sound impact is high-quality. As you progress thru the sport, the music does trade. This is a excellent flow the builders took as this would now not sincerely be a bore any players with the same melody again and again once more.

Although nothing clearly new on this recreation, however it still has its frustrations in it. This recreation is genuinely fun at some stage in the start, however does get virtually challenging as you stage up as you hold on demise again and again once more.

Finally, even as it’s far a completely stunning and the usage of Java generation, this sport works out absolutely well evaluate to the other Flash game in Facebook. Load time is rather a hassle at some stage in the primary run, however after you get over with it, this is really worth looking into.

I supply this a 3.5 out of 5 score.

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